What We Do



For 30+ years Interstate Systems has been the choice for a full range technology company in the valley and across the country.

For businesses consumers we offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Installing, maintaining, upgrading, or expanding your current IT infrastructure.
  • New Servers, desktop PC’s or laptops 
  • Establishing a company web site or connecting to the Internet 
  • Virtual Private Network’s (VPN) 
  • Wireless networking and Wi-Fi connections
  • Aid in your new building pre-construction, office moves, expansions, and telephone systems
  • We’re also your one-stop source for your laptop, cell or UPS battery needs.
  • National voice and data cellular phone service

For the individual consumer we offer sales, installation, and servicing of hardware, software, and internet connections.


Computer problems?

We can fix it. All our techs have years of problem solving troubleshooting experience to get your systems back up and running smoothly.

We solve problems with:

Most Printers
Spyware/malware removal